M14 ebr stock

The M14ALCS is a drop-in chassis and features a six position telescoping stock and an adjustable polymer cheek rest with two inches of vertical adjustment. Additionally the chassis includes five Mil-Spec Picatinny rails, three ambidextrous sling mounts, a removable Kydex forend with a built in palm swell, and a soft one inch recoil pad. Rigidity of the chassis increases accuracy and reliability and is achieved through the use of a patented replacement operating rod guide block. Precision machined receiver lug recesses also eliminate the need for additional bedding.

Does NOT accept rear-lugged receivers. Overall Length Extended- Weight- 5. Finish- Mil-Spec Hard anodize. Please enter your email address and quantity below and we will send you an alert when the item becomes available. Please note that alerted inventory is on a first come, first serve basis.

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m14 ebr stock

Schematic ID Number. Big Book Catalog, Issue, Page Click here for price! Back Order Backorder, See Associate. Out of Stock.The M1A is a classic rifle and has its own rightful place in the firearms industry.

Fulton Armory M14 EBR-RI *

But as more and more aftermarket accessories and upgrades are hitting the market, even these classic rifles have to adapt.

One very important and substantial part to upgrade in an M1A is its stock. Upgrading the stock of your rifle has multiple benefits and buying a good stock will also save you some money.

If you are wondering how that is possible, read further to learn more. Wood has long been a material of choice for manufacturing stocks. It still is. But the latest improvements in technology, and the logic supporting them, has promoted an entirely new breed of stocks. Upgrading the stock of your M1A has its own benefits, which will affect your performance.

This is in reference to the polymer stocks. We know that wood is prone to dents and warping under the influence of pressure, humidity, ice, heat, and water, which will affect the accuracy of your rifle. Upgrading to a better stock will not only resist these factors but will also reduce the overall weight of your rifle. It also helps when shooting precisely at long range. Plus, it also offers room for adjustments pertaining to different situations and users.

For example, the standard M1A stock is quite difficult to use with scopes without a cheek riser. Aftermarket stocks generally have built-in rails and key mods to let you mount and use more accessories with your M1A. The standard, or factory, stocks require you to purchase these things separately. So upgrading to a better stock also saves you money. Plus, some stocks have small storage compartments within them, which is also an advantage. The very first thing to look for when buying an M1A stock is its quality.

An aftermarket stock can be made of polymer or aluminum. The stock should be durable enough to withstand rugged and rigorous use. Such precision-fit stocks also eliminate the need for glass bedding to some extent.

A good M1A stock should be ergonomically stable. It must have a good grip, suitable curves, and optimal weight to enhance your overall performance.

A stable stock has its weight properly balanced which facilitates easy handling and also improves accuracy. A good stock for your M1A must be adjustable. Having a telescopic stock with an inbuilt cheek riser is considered optimum for such an upgrade.Whether it's for a new build, upgrade or repair, we supply high quality parts and fast service at reasonable prices.

Covid19 and other more exciting news. The current social distancing rules, etc. The stocks are at a warehouse a few miles from my home where everything else happens. I've been limiting my trips to times per week during the lockdown in Colorado.

So it is averaging business days to ship stocks. Please, everyone stay safe. This too shall pass, but more slowly than we would like I have also statred another business, either through an excess of optimism or a lack of common sense.

It is a totally different line of business, you can see it at www. No real effect on TreelineM14 operations, other than an eventual warehouse consolidation. I try to ship within two business days, unless I'm out of town I post a notice on the website for vacations.

USGI stocks, because of the myriad combination options and grades are generally business days to ship. Parts kits and custom stocks may take several days longer. You generally won't get backordered here, unless I miscount inventory if inventory stock is zero, you can't order the part. The M14E2 front rail, replica butt pad and new style butt pad are shipping now. I also have TreelineM14 chrome silicon operating springs and hammer springs in stock and shipping.

I invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. Create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store. Welcome to TreelineM Covid19 and other more exciting news - The current social distancing rules, etc.

Thank you for visiting. All rights reserved.Traded with another member My Pictures. Have not taken it to the range yet, but expecting good things. Total Awards : 1 Total Points : Haven't seen that configuration before.

m14 ebr stock

I kind of like it though. I always prefer fixed stocks for comfort reasons. Nice job! Total Awards : 2 Total Points : That's awesome. I am guessing that even with the interchangeable cheek pieces on the stock you couldn't get high enough?

Originally Posted by Saiyan I've always wondered about a Mod1 with an A1 or A2 stock. Never seen one. You must have big hands Originally Posted by sfoxwell. Thanks from sfoxwell. Originally Posted by BigStick. Alternative was the fixed stock. This setup actually puts my trigger finger in perfect position, and I've got normal sized hands. Total Awards : 5 Total Points : Nice looking setup. Is that Sage's rear buttstock? Or does another company make it? Originally Posted by m14brian.It is seen multiple times in the campaign in " S.

Soap is also seen using it on " Cliffhanger " to give Roach support when he is infiltrating the base. It can also be seen on the hands on Archer and Toad in " Loose Ends ". Because of its very low recoil and large magazine for a sniper riflemost players will instinctively fire two or more quick shots.

This causes its users to burn through ammo faster than other sniper rifles in the hands of most players. This is popular as a stealth weapon online, as it takes two shots anywhere on the body with a Silencer and without Stopping Power to kill.

Best M1A Stocks | Tell All Review for 2020

The weapon's low recoil and large magazine makes it the preferred sniper rifle for two-shot kills in Core mode and one-shot kills in Hardcore mode. When used without a Silencer and with Stopping Power, it is capable of one-shot kills to the head, neck and upper torso. If equipped with either a Silencer and Stopping Power or neither of the two, one-shot kills only apply to the head, making it ideal for sharpshooters who prefer to get the harder headshots than the easier body shots in order to get camouflages and Master challenges faster.

Because of its high rate of fire and low recoil, it is popular amongst users with rapid-fire controllers, and in Hardcore modes. Considering the maximum health in Hardcore is reduced to only 30, using a Silencer will still retain one-shot kills, unless shooting through thick surfaces or against a Last StandFinal Stand or Painkiller user. Finally, the M21 EBR will give the user a handy ghillie suitand, in the right hands, it can be a devastating tide-turner. The M14 EBR appears in the Special Ops missions " Evasion ", where it is a starting weapon equipped with a Silencer, " Suspension ", where it is in the initial area, " Body Count " and " Homeland Security ", where it is in the initial area, in Joe's Diner, and on the roof of Nate's Restaurant equipped with a Thermal Scopeand " Acceptable Losses ", where it is in the initial area equipped with a silencer.

This is the only time in the game where this weapon can be used without a scope. Although it is unscoped, it retains a relatively large amount of idle sway. The recoil is purely visual, having no effect on the accuracy. In " Goalpost ", four M14 EBRs with a sniper scope and can be found and used; the model of this one differs from that of the variable zoom by having a slightly taller rail underneath the scope, and the third-person view of this variant is that of the Modern Warfare 2 model.

It is now classed as a marksman rifle rather than a sniper rifle. It has the highest maximum damage in its category, but as a downside it doesn't have any damage multiplier to the neck, unlike other Marksman Rifles.

Like the other marksman rifles, the MK14 EBR boasts a fast time to kill, but its slow rate of fire and moderate recoil can make close range engagements challenging. This makes the MK14 a good choice for shooting through objects, especially when using Armor-Piercing, and it will also more easily dispatch enemies who might already be injured slightly.

One drawback is its smallest magazine size at 18, smallest in its category, tied to the IA-2 and the SVUwhich may increase the need for Extended Mags or Sleight of Hand.

It has very high range, beaten only by the SVU due to its perpetual two shot kill nature. As such, it benefits greatly from both the Muzzle Brake and Silencer attachments; it will attain a greater increase to its two shot kill range than other weapons in its class, while the reduced range when using a silencer is not as severe.

m14 ebr stock

The MK14 EBR's damage allows it to effectively one-shot headshot an enemy before and during the damage dropoff maximum of about 37 meters without a barrel attachmentmaking it a preferred weapon amongst sharpshooters, similarly to its brother in Modern Warfare 2. This also makes the Crocodile Camouflage easier to obtain, as the first hit to the head will most likely be your only bullet needed.

If one wants this one-headshot kill range to occur very often, it is highly advised to use Muzzle Brake attachment. In conclusion, the MK14 EBR is a deadly mid-range weapon that can go up against many other players with relative ease, able to fit the needs of many players who use it; however, it is statistically beaten in many categories: It has the second-lowest firecap beaten by MR and IA-2only the second-largest range beaten by SVUand doesn't have the most manageable recoil in the category beaten again by MRand drops off to a slow 3-shot kill at extreme ranges, and combined with the low firecap, makes a very slow time to kill, which makes its alternatives the better choice in many situations.These weapons are made for both the designated marksman and the close combat roles.

Sincethe U. Mike Rock collaborated with engineer Jim Ribordy to make the new rifle. Tests showed that their rifle was effective, but had excessive noise problems. Coast Guard. The U. United States Marine Corps units were [ when? Users have praised the weapon for its ergonomics, low recoil, and low cost, as well as having the option of various optics and accessories.

It could change all "surplus M14s into modern battle rifles". The rifle has seen limited service outside of the U. In earlythe Army began writing a new requirement for an SDM rifle for combat platoons and squads. Issuing a 7. Fielding was planned to start in late This weapon upgrades the standard M14 action and replaces the standard The EBR chassis system stock is made up entirely of lightweight aircraft alloy.

A Kydex hand guard and M68 CCO are also added, though they are almost always replaced with a vertical foregrip and magnifying scope for better handling and for use in a designated marksman role.

Others had included the capability of adding two different scopes or sights on the Picatinny rails, for more precision or zoom level. A summary of variants, and the components utilized in each, are as follows:.

The civilian version created by Smith Enterprise Inc. The carbine variant is also known as the MK14 Mod 1. Army Sgt. Army Spc. Army Europe, scans the surrounding mountains for threats during a patrol outside Forward Operating Base Baylough in Zabul province, Afghanistan, on June 12, Army Cpl.

Michael Tacker, from Tonasket, Wash. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American selective fire military designated marksman rifle.

Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle

For the computer kit, see MK Type of Battle rifle, designated marksman rifle [1]. Archived from the original on Retrieved Archived at the Wayback Machine Retrieved on September 23, Retrieved on September 23, Retrieved on October 5, Jane's International Defence Review.Close Menu. Chassis Chassis is precision machined from a solid billet of high strength aircraft grade aluminum. Standard M14 and M1A actions are easily installed using existing M14 tools, making the conversion a true drop-in.

Rigidity of the chassis increases accuracy and reliability. Operating Rod Block Precision machined from ordnance grade steel and designed to interface in close tolerance with the aluminum stock chassis.

Increases reliability and tighter groups. Collapsible Stock Straight line recoil decreases muzzle jump and felt recoil. Adjustable length of pull facilitates the use of body armor and stock fits for all shooters.

Full size soft recoil pad. Thumb release facilitates fast and easy opening. Sling Mounting Points All sling mounting points are steel. Ambidextrous sling position located between the chassis and the collapsible stock, above pistol grip.

Rear ambidextrous sling mount at the butt end of the collapsible stock under the cheek rest. Adjustable Cheek Rest Robust glass filled polymer full contour cheek rest. The cheek rest is field adjustable, using the tip of a 7.

Convenient self stowing tensioning wrench releases cheek rest for adjustment and eliminates cheek rest movement when in its stowed position. Collapsible stock main body Easily removed from stock chassis. Built in palm swell. Minimizes heat transfer generated by high firing rates. Accepts Sage International, Ltd. Suggested Accessories:.

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